It’s our secret recipe!

Our products are a blend of all the best things in the world:

Love, warmth and a lot of mischief!

This allows producing products that are not just delicious but also healthy and hygienic.
The following steps help us to deliver the perfect quality to you:

Fresh and premium raw materials

The process starts from collecting the raw materials. We take special care in choosing the main ingredients as well as the spices.

High quality refined oil

Bad oil is equal to bad experience of the product that’s why we use is premium and refined oil only to make all your favorite Bablu products

Automatic machinery

There is no chance for the product to get adulterated anywhere during the process as we have fully-automatic machinery which ensures untouched products from first to the last stage.

Careful packaging

We ensure that the Bablu products are packed in  food grade quality packets only which help keep them remain fresh and delicious till they reach you.